Sentimental Meltdown ®

Because jewelry has such significance, sometimes we have a collection of pieces that no longer match our style, or inherited pieces that never were our style to begin with. Pieces that nevertheless, we would never dream of parting with.

Instead of letting meaningful pieces sit in your jewelry box, let me melt and reform your gold in a process called  Sentimental Meltdown®. You will then have a piece you love, both because of the style and the meaning behind it.

Currently Scheduling for August 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pieces can you make with my melted gold?

Pendants and rings are the pieces most frequently requested, but I can also make earrings and bracelets using your gold.

Is there a minimum amount of gold needed to meltdown?

There is no minimum amount of gold required. The smaller amount of gold just means a smaller final piece. If it is a very small amount, usually a pendant is the best use of the gold. 

What stones and gemstones can you reset into a new piece?

Currently I am limiting resetting to round diamonds 5mm or smaller. If you have other gems or shapes we can discuss other options.

How long do the projects take to complete?

Turn around time is typically 6 weeks once we have met and you have approved of the project design. If you have a sooner completion date in mind, just let me know!

Does the gold need to all be the same karat or color?

No it does not. I can mix 10k, 14k, and 18k together. But if it is mixed it cannot be stamped with a gold purity hallmark. I can also mix yellow, white, and rose gold together. Melting with white gold will simply make the overall color lighter.

Can you melt platinum?

Unfortunately no. My torch does not reach a high enough temperature to reach the melting point of platinum.

Can we meet remotely to discuss a project?

If you are not in the Greenville, South Carolina area, we can meet via video or phone call. Just note on your appointment request that you’d like to meet remotely.