Significance Series: Paula Rallis

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leandra hill metal works paula rallis angela cox zion

There is something of great significance to hold a piece of art that is locally made.  It is an even greater feeling to know the one that created it.  That is one of the reasons I love reaching into my top drawer for my Leandra Hill jewelry.  I have seen her.  I have watched her in the workshop.  And now I get to wear a piece of her intricately creative mind and passionate heart.  My Leandra Hill earrings stand the test of time as an understated yet grand addition to my wardrobe.  And inside of that top drawer, in the left side of a small travel case is where they remain - never to be left behind.  

Paula Rallis

leandra hill metal works paula rallis

Jacket and boots photo and white sweater photo by Emily Kate Wilson

Pink sweater photo by Angela Zion