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Significance Series: Leandra Hill

No big surprise here. The piece of jewelry that has the most significance to me is a piece I made. But the reason it is so dear to me was not there when I first designed it. 

The first time I made one of my balance beam rings in 14k gold I decided to go with a gemstone that I had never used before- Ruby. It wasn't a stone that had any meaning or significance to me or any family member, I only picked it because I thought the red would look beautiful in the yellow metal, which it did!

A year and a half later, my husband and I were expecting our first child. Due at the very end of July, and knowing all of the birthstones by heart, I knew that meant my child's birthstone would be Ruby. If he or she came on time that is! Nothing against the peridot of August, but I hoped with all my might that the ring I loved the design of so much would also be my baby's birthstone piece.


Thankfully she did (on her due date actually!) and I wore the ring as she came into the world. It's the once piece that I wear each and every day, and someday it will be my little girl's.

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