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Significance Series: Dorothy Freeman Self

Admittedly, in my personal life I'm a creature of habit. I enjoy new things and experiences, but in general I enjoy life most in the day-to-day. As such, I love a fun pair of funky earrings. . . But for me, the pieces that never leave my body are the ones I love the very most.

When we found out that I was expecting our first child, Freeman, I had an entire pregnancy to think about and plan for his arrival. I'll never forget selecting his name, designing his birth announcements, planning every element of his nursery. Of course as a first time mother I also found myself planning out his entire life before he even got here. Imagining who he would be friends with in school, who he would take to prom, where he would attend college. Yep, I guess you could say that I get a little bit ahead of myself sometimes.

One big dream I kept having was about who he would eventually marry, since that meant I'd be gaining a daughter. So my thoughts drifted to her as I prayed for her, wherever she was.

When my husband asked me (he's an accountant, so let's be honest there's not much guesswork involved in gift giving) about a gift surrounding Freeman's arrival, all I could think of was something that I could pass down to him that he would use to express and share profound love. So we had a set of sapphire bands made. My birthstone is sapphire, the stone is said to have balancing and restorative properties (at least that's what Google said!), and it's classic enough where nobody would say "that's a very trendy stone".

I wear them closest to my heart (sorry, wedding ring!), because Freeman fills my heart and his father's heart, too. My hope is that one day when Freeman finds his "forever someone" he can take these two bands and use the stones within (or the bands as they are) to design a token of his forever love from someone who loves him forever, his mother. Every time I look at them I am reminded of all the chapters we are yet to experience as mother and son, which is a good reminder as we are in these trying three-year-old times.

On the flip side, I'm also hoping my future daughter-in-law will see how this binds her with me. That while I'm his past, she's his future. I hope that she will know that I thought of her and prayed for her from the moment we found out we were having a son. Plus, if I cultivate a strong bond with her, when she visits me she might just bring him along with her.

Dorothy Freeman Self

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