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Significance Series: Deanna Rogers






Jewelry to me is everything. It can make an average outfit amazing, (or even tone an outfit) to not make it too over the top.  However, I rarely think things are “over the top” 😉



I have been a girlie girl since birth. I have always loved fashion and everything that goes along with it. I think how you dress and present yourself says a lot about you as a person. I believe when someone takes good care of themselves, it says to others that they want to do well in life, no matter what they are doing. In my case, it is being the Co-Owner/Operator of Classy Kids Child Development Centers. I want to dress to impress every day and be a good example for our employees.  I want our parents to know that we take pride in what we do, as well as setting an example for the future of our next generation.

I LOVE costume jewelry! Of course, all women love diamonds, I’m not saying I don’t. But I love to wear all kinds of fun jewelry pieces that reflect my personality. The day feathers and tassels came out someone had ME in mind!

My current favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of hot pink feather earrings that I stared down for several weeks. I walked into Monkees of Greenville one day and told the owner, “Somebody has to have those!” Every time I went in there-after, I could not believe they were still there. They are pretty over the top, so I knew it would take a bold fashionista to buy them.

The 4th time I went in with my sweet husband - who totally goes along with my love for fashion. I was looking for something to wear to Talk Greenville’s “10 Most Stylish” event. As we rounded the bend - there they were!  The pink feather earrings I so desperately needed.  

So, upon showing my husband the earrings, and explaining how they have just been sitting there all this time waiting for me, he immediately said, “buy them”.  I was so excited! I rocked them that night at the 25 Most Stylish event and I even showed up in Talk Greenville Magazine’s “Style Watch” column wearing them.

Even after having them a few months now, they are still so special to me.  Every time I wear them, it reminds me of my amazing husband, his encouragement to live my life passionately and to keep chasing my dreams!


Deanna Rogers/Mrs. Greater Greenville

Classy Kids Child Development Center