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Significance Series: Brittany Torres

In general, I am always the person who seeks out very unique items that speak to me but, can be used everyday.  As far as jewelry, I like to have a few substantial pieces that I can enjoy for many years, that become special to me instead of a bunch of on-trend costume jewelry.  They don't need to be expensive or have a brand name but, they need to be made of quality.  I aim to support local artisans, some of who I call friends, and pick up pieces during my travels.  I also love vintage.

That is why when a friend of mine who sells a very well known jewelry / accessory line wanted to barter in exchange for some candles, I didn't know if I would find anything that I would ultimately wear.  I was so surprised to learn that they had an extensive customization section where I could have simple pieces engraved.  Even though I am tattoo-free, I thought of this experience similar to choosing a tattoo.  It was kind of awesome that the end result would be so personalized for me.  

I picked out a couple of necklaces in the gold finish.  The first is a simple bar that I had engraved using a font that seemed familiar and had engraved "Que Sera Sera ..." which means "whatever will be, will be."  It is the title of a song my mom used to sing to me when I was little and a concept that has now undoubtably become my mantra.  The second necklace I had made is a spear shape that I had the word "INTEGRITY" engraved vertically down the center and hung on a wide looped chain.  It is an affirmation that my whole life is based around, family, friends, love, career, EVERYTHING.  I paired them with two charms I have on a single chain, one a disc with my boyfriend Jason's initial and the other a dog tag shape with my dog Dahlia's name.  

In the end, I couldn't have found more fitting or special pieces that I literally have not taken off my body.  And, the most important part, they have kept their appearance as if I just put them on.  I have become totally open minded when making purchases because now, even larger companies are keeping in mind that one size (or style) definitely does not fit all!

Brittany Torres

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