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Is it Gift Giving Season already?

It’s officially fall, and do you know what that means? The Holidays are JUST around the corner.

Whether you pride yourself on perfectly tailoring each gift to it’s receiver, or you struggle every year to find something that your mother-in-law won’t scoff at, gift giving season is an undoubtedly stressful time. Am I right? You want something unique enough to show you really tried, but not something so unique they’ll never wear it. It should be trendy and fashionable, but also timeless so they can cherish it forever. Something that catches their eye, but that still works everyday. Where is the perfect balance?!

Being on the other end of this situation is actually one of my favorite parts of owning a jewelry business. People often come to me describing their gift recipient in hopes that I’ll have exactly what they’ll love and never take off - and if I don’t have it, I end up designing a custom piece just for them.

This custom pendant is a larger version of one of my 14k Serendipity pendants. In this case, my client had several small diamonds she wanted to incorporate into one piece for her daughter. She also wanted to use gold from several old pieces of jewelry she no longer wore. I melted her gold, hammered it out into a Serendipity pendant, and flush set her diamonds in this cross pattern. A newer special piece made from older special pieces.

But, in hopes that your husband, wife, parents and siblings can take a little more credit this year, we’ve added a new feature to our shopping catalog.

Now, instead of buying a necklace as a whole, you can now customize your designs by purchasing your pendants and chains separately.

Silver chain with a gold pendant? Gold chain with an oxidized pendant? Rose gold chain with 2 pendants? The options are (almost) endless. This new feature allows you to further customize your shopping and gift giving experiences. And while we are still happy to consult and create custom designs for you, we know that saying “I picked it out all by myself!” can mean a lot.