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5 Reasons Why: Gifting Your Bridesmaids with their Wedding Day Jewelry Makes the Most Sense:

1. You can use it as a way to invite them into your wedding party

It’s not breaking news that weddings are expensive. Not only for the bride, but for the bridesmaids as well. Between buying their dresses and shoes, planning showers and parties, traveling to and from, paying for hotel rooms, purchasing engagement presents, wedding presents and more - it adds up. Gifting your bridesmaids with the jewelry they’ll wear on your big day as a way to ask them into your party is not only a beautiful way to show how much they mean to you in a way they can treasure forever, but also helps the budget on both ends.

2. You’ll forever have matching jewelry with all of your best friends

Who said you’re too old for best friend necklaces? Instead of it being two halves of a heart with the words “BFF” engraved, maybe it’s a pendant with a gemstone the color of their bridesmaids gowns, or their birthstone or initials. This is truly something you will all cherish forever.

3. No surprises

As much as we all try and stay away from the bridezilla within us, it can be hard knowing that something so simple as the wrong earrings or statement necklace can change an entire dress (sometimes for the worst). Gifting your bridesmaids with their wedding jewelry will help calm your nerves on this important day, knowing that everyone will look their best.

4. It’s the perfect “Thank You”

As mentioned earlier, your bridal party will be your biggest help during your time preparing for your wedding. With all of that stress on both you and the party, finding a perfect way to say “thank you” can seem overwhelming. If you like the idea of asking your bridal party with the wedding day jewelry, try spreading out the entire set. For example, gift the necklace to ask them into your party, gift the earrings at the rehearsal dinner, and gift a bracelet with a list of information, events, and responsibilities for the bridal party. It’s a fun way to spread your love and gratitude, and they end up with a beautiful set they’ll remember forever.

5. You’re (technically) Proposing

Your spouse most likely proposed to you with a ring, so propose to your bridesmaids with one as well! This fun spin on it will be something they remember forever, and is so easy to personalize. Plus, if you decide to spread out gifting a full set as mentioned in #4, this works perfectly.


If you have any questions about custom designs or need help placing a special order for your bridesmaids, please don't hesitate to ask!

*photo by Angela Zion Photography*


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