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5 Creative Ways to Gift Jewelry

While gifting jewelry is a classic and beautiful way to show someone you care, it can be a bit predictable when you place the box right in front of them. What else could be in that little square box? Here are a few fun ideas to spice up your jewelry gift giving:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Turning gifting into a game is a fun way to build up excitement beforehand! Your receiver will be so anxious to find what they’re looking for, they’ll appreciate the gift 10x more! Make a list of clues and hide them in order around your house. Make sure the gift is in an inconspicuous place so they don’t accidentally spot it on their way. At the end of the journey they’ll come to a beautiful box with their present inside.

2. Make it a Surprise

Even if you’ve been good about keeping your gift a secret, your receiver probably knows something is coming, especially if it’s around a holiday or celebration. Take them by surprise and hide your gift somewhere totally unexpected. For example, if you know they drink tea everyday, put the gift inside their tea box. Do they read before bed? Carefully place the gift behind their book. Is it time to decorate the tree? Hang the gift on the tree before you get started as an ornament for them to find. You can also try setting it in the same place as one of their daily objects. For example, the tv remote, their purse, jacket, car keys, etc. The possibilities are endless!

3. Disguise It

If you already have a set time to exchange gifts, make it a mystery by disguising the box inside multiple bigger boxes. The large outward appearance will confuse them, and when they finally get to the littlest box inside the rest, they won’t be able to contain their excitement.

4. Make it Personal

When gifting something so special, it’s important to make not only the gift itself personal, but the gift giving process personal as well. Think back to where you first met or somewhere you’ve made wonderful memories together. Get a map with that place on it and wrap the gift in the map, tying back memories to a place special to just the two of you. Of course, you could always go to that special place and gift it there as well!

5. Complement What They Already Have

Have you gotten this special someone another piece in the past? Or do they have a piece of jewelry they never take off? Try finding something to complement that. This allows them to wear two special pieces you’ve given them or one of their favorite go-to’s and a new piece at the same time.

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